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Flexible tax management: Your in-house tax director on demand.


Even companies with a tax department often have limited time or knowledge for executing a specific project or assignment. provides a temporary experienced tax specialist on your premises, to help you identify, map and streamline tax processes and opportunities in your company.

INTERIM offers an Interim Tax Director on a flexible basis. This is ideal for:

  • temporary replacement during illness or sabbatical;
  • assistance during busy periods, a reorganization or implementation;
  • training and education of your personnel on the basis of your own internal processes and organization.

Tasks include assistance with the monthly (reporting) processes and policies, manage and coordinate the preparation and filing of tax returns, advice and assistance with daily tax matters, manage and coordinate tax audits and liaise with external advisors and tax authorities, or identification of potential (cash flow) savings.


In an ever more complex international environment, you should probably ask yourself whether the Finance department has the skills and background to deal with tax related matters effectively and efficiently. Your company can use to place a temporary tax director in-house, to develop the tax function, and ensure tax stays aligned with your business. provides you with the opportunity to work with an experienced and specialized tax professional, directly adding value to your business on a flexible basis. offers an Interim Tax Director on a flexible basis.

Who we are

Companies with significant cross-border activities.

As your company grows you want to have all tax aspects covered. But covering basic compliance internally and having a good working relationship with your outside counsel is only the starting point, rather than the finishing line. assists internationally active companies, with sometimes complex supply chains. We are international tax specialists with both advisory and in-house experience – we know what to look out for when incorporating the advice of outside counsel into your business. We have been through projects where not only Tax was on the line, but where IT, reporting and cash-flow were usually impacted as well.

Teaming with the various internal business stakeholders is not an option, it is a prerequisite! A consultancy firm can answer the ‘what’ and ‘when’ questions. Answering the ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions requires a different skillset. Understanding the business complexities requires inside experience: we consider ourselves at your side of the table!

We give organizations the ability to hire a tax director without addition to the payroll. By working in your offices, we work with your business to align the tax strategy with your business strategy and on an operational level work real-time with the business on projects from start to finish rather than ad-hoc.

Within an organization the tax director fulfils an important role as advisor to the CFO / CEO and other "C-suite" executives. As a strategic partner of the CFO / CEO, a tax director covers areas that eventually all focus directly and / or indirectly on creating value within an organization. We always focus on those areas of a tax director which directly and indirectly lead to value creation. The three of us are self-employed tax specialists and we all have specific knowledge, skills, and experience working as in-house tax director at multinationals, each in its own field. Next to this, each of us has lived and worked abroad for several years during his professional careers.

Inhouse tax counsel can assess the actual demand for tax services and function as a funnel to finetune requests to outside counsel.

Our approach

In order to capture high value, you need to in-source specialist knowledge and experience. enables companies to insource a tax director on the basis of demand. The benefits of insourcing without addition to the payroll!

Globalization and digitalization lead to more complex supply chains and more cross-border transactions. Specifically for the tax function this means that opportunities and threats lie ahead. Your tax function can become a strategic business partner that enables your business to grow while ensuring that tax exposures are minimized and that you don’t miss out on opportunities.
Tax directors are often expected to know everything about tax. All types of tax. But for certain tasks or projects, specific technical knowledge is necessary. That’s where we come in!

Our vision: technical expertise is a given, business know-how is a challenge!

The step to employ a full-time tax director may be a bridge to far at this stage, which is why we have started You can have your own personal tax director, who grows with your company and who demonstrates the added value of an in-house tax counsel. can be your temporary in-house tax director, or we can assist your tax function on a specific project, assignment, implementation, or reorganization in the specific tax area that you need. We have a tax director for all your needs!

we can assist your tax function on a specific project, assignment, implementation, or reorganization in the specific tax area that you need.


Flexible tax management: Your in-house tax director on demand.

Bas, Pepijn and Theo work together under the Taxdirector brand to demonstrate how you can manage your tax function more flexible and effectively.

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Our roots

Our training ground and heritage.
  • Dynniq
  • InterXion
  • Global Collect / Ingenico
  • Royal Bunge
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Loyens & Loeff
  • PWC
  • BP
  • Liberty Global
  • Archer Daniels Midland
  • Heineken
  • EY
  • ASML


Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose. - Charles Eames In order to capture high value, you need to insource non-routine activities.

Non-routine activities need to be tailored to the situation and typically require close alignment with internal stakeholders to be successful.
Routine functions can be done on the basis of set-out processes with little anticipated deviations.

In other words, you need social communicators who can team up with the rest of the organization to successfully capture high value tax benefits of non-routine activities.



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