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virtual vat reality

Virtual VAT reality

18 december 2017 - Bas

My 13-year old daughter is very active on Instagram, musica.ly and other similar ‘apps’, sharing her food pictures and shuffle dances with her friends and the rest of the world. And I find that sometimes difficult to deal with. How much is she allowed to…

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momentum on transfer pricing is building; value creation is the key

Momentum on Transfer Pricing is building; value creation is the key

12 december 2017 - Theo

We are now two years down the road of the OECD BEPS report (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) and it seems momentum is still building to tackle aggressive tax payers. The fundaments in the BEPS discussion lie in the difference between countries legal systems and…

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Master -Local file

7 december 2017 - Theo

At Taxdirector.nl we work as part of your inhouse team with your regular adviser(s) in order to get things done. A great example of how we have been able to add value on assignments is the assistance in the Transfer Pricing documentation: Master -Local file….

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