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transfer pricing documentation

Transfer Pricing Documentation

20 november 2017 - Theo

With the deadline for the 2016 Dutch corporate income tax return approaching – in case you haven’t filed it yet – you need to confirm that you meet the more detailed Transfer Pricing Documentation requirements for MNE’s Previous post. So how do you go about…

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vat on parking

VAT on parking

6 september 2017 - Bas

VAT on parking: it’s a topic that attracts a lot of attention nowadays. The Dutch attraction park De Efteling has paid VAT on its parking fees at 6%, the reduced VAT rate. Their argument: the parking services are part of, and ancillary to the main…

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titanium pins and screws

Titanium pins and screws

22 augustus 2017 - Bas

I like skiing. My parents took me to Austria for the first time when I was 5 or 6 years old. I can only remember that it was cold, and, of course, I fell in love with the ski teacher, who’s name probably was Heidi,…

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back to the future, back to the transfer pricing tax!

Back to the future, back to the Transfer Pricing Tax!

4 augustus 2017 - Theo

The pace at which the OECD is unfolding its Action plan to combat aggressive tax planning and even drafts a multi-lateral instrument in order to incorporate its new line of thinking directly into tax treaties is unprecendented. We are lead to believe that change is…

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self-employed vat deduction

Self-employed VAT deduction

1 augustus 2017 - Bas

Doing business as an independent entrepreneur: in many countries a more and more common feat. I’m one of them. And it seems that especially here in the Netherlands, the number of ‘zzp-ers’ (the self-employed entrepreneurs without personnel) is growing rapidly. We’re almost with 1 million…

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Master -Local file

26 juni 2017 - Theo

At Taxdirector.nl we work as part of your inhouse team with your regular adviser(s) in order to get things done. A great example of how we have been able to add value on assignments is the assistance in the Transfer Pricing documentation: Master -Local file….

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taxdirector team

The three of us have joined forces under the umbrella of TAXDIRECTOR.NL

20 maart 2017 - Theo

For multinationals requiring specific in-house tax knowledge on a flexible basis in the field of Transfer Pricing, VAT / Duties and General Tax Management we aim to provide the right solution. You can contact us directly, or via your sourcing contact. Please visit our website:…

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